2) Do not compensate for grade or slope. 3) Do not add or subtract small areas (i.e. corbels, sleeper slabs, etc.). 4) Dimensions A, C, and D shall be to natural ground line for new bridges on fill and to finished grade for all other structures. For elephant ear wingwalls: Shallow configuration ( ) + + = +
A soils report from a professional engineer as part of an approved development permit may be submitted for acceptance in order to support a steeper slope. (Ord. TLS 09-01-04B Exh. A (part)) 15.36.160 Setbacks, general. Cut and fill slopes shall be set back from the property lines in accordance with this section.
Information Guide 10 – Cut & Fill Affecting Other Land Where a building owner proposes to carry out building work that affects the stability of other land or premises, Section 60 of the Development Act 1993 requires the building owner to notify (by serving a notice) on the owner of the affected land of the intention to perform building work.
Instantly get cut-fill volume calculations, comparing with another mesh inside a region defined by selecting points on the mesh or selecting an existing closed polyline in the drawing. You can preview the cut and fill areas with color and transparency, and insert a summary cut-fill volume table in the drawing, along with the plan view image of ...